Saturday 18 January 2014

Am I going to keep supporting my open source projects?

I have recently been asked by a few whether I will be maintaining my open source projects, mainly CacheCow and PerfIt.

I think since my previous blog post, some have been thinking that I am going to completely drop C#, Microsoft technologies and whatever I have been building so far. There are also some concerns over the future of the Open Source projects and whether they will be pro-actively maintained.

If you read my post again, you will find out that I have twice stressed that I will keep doing what I am doing. In fact I have lately been doing a lot C# and Azure - like never before. I am really liking Windows Azure and I believe it is a great platform for building Cloud Applications.

So in short, the answer is a BIG YES. I just pushed some code in CacheCow. and released CacheCow.Client 0.5.0-alpha which has a few improvements. I have plans for finally releasing 0.5 but it has been delayed due to my engagement with this other project which I am working on - as I said C# and Azure.

So please keep PRs, Issues, Bugs and wish lists coming in.

With regard to my decision and recent blog, this is a strategy change hoping to position myself in 2 years to be able to do equally non-Microsoft work if I have to. I hope it is clear now!